Kerry Johnson

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Kerry is a romantic suspense author who lives on the sunny, stormy west coast of Florida with her family.

She enjoys long walks, all creatures great and small, iced chai tea, crowded bookshelves, and Jesus. If you’d like to receive updates on her books and writing, please sign up for Kerry’s quarterly newsletter.


May 21, 2024

A mysterious death. A secluded mansion.
This investigation could be fatal…

Antique dealer Brielle Holt uncovers more than just priceless relics when she overhears a secret that puts a target on her back. Caught in the crosshairs of a deadly family feud, Brielle has nowhere safe to hide…until CSI agent Lucas Scott steps in to protect her. With assailants following their every move, Lucas and Brielle must stay one step ahead of someone desperate to hide the truth…and bury them with it.

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A young witness targeted—
and danger in the wilderness.

When five-year-old Boone Harrington witnesses his father’s murder, he is placed in social worker Lucy Taylor’s care for the holidays. But after someone chases Lucy’s car off the road in Sumter National Forest, she and Boone turn to ranger Noah Holt for protection from a gang of ruthless gun traffickers. Can Noah keep them alive…especially after discovering Boone unknowingly has something these criminals will kill for?

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Danger lurks in the shadows…
and a police dog is keeping watch.

Officer Jasper Holt never thought he’d see his high school girlfriend, Kinsley Miller, again—much less become her protector. But when the wildlife biologist returns home for her aunt’s funeral, she’s attacked twice in a matter of hours. With his K-9 partner at his side, the single father will protect Kinsley with his life. But can they uncover the reason behind the assaults…before the next strike becomes the last?

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Can she survive a blizzard…
and being framed?

Single mom Everly Raven didn’t just discover the murder of her friend—she’s being framed for it. Now she’s on the run from hired killers at her family’s ski resort, all while a deadly blizzard rages. Her only hope is her ex-husband, FBI agent Isaac Rhodes—the secret father of her child. But can they live long enough for him to meet their daughter—and clear Everly’s name?

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